Kizzang LLC / In-House

Senior Artist

I was a Senior Artist at Kizzang, starting as a freelancer in Oct 2014 and going full-time Jan 2015.

I started out working primarily on games, producing graphics and illustration for symbols and backgrounds along with other team members.  I transitioned into the marketing team where I am now producing ads for print and supporting the graphic needs of the marketing department.  When the opportunity arises, I contribute to the game art team.

Not all of the game art is mine, some of it was produced by other team members.  We each contributed parts and pieces to every game.

Much of my work focuses on visual development of our company mascot, Fat Cat.

Developing Fat Cat

Fat Cat was designed prior to me joining the company.  I have strived to continue his look and feel, as well as interject a bit of my own spin on his personality.