Academy of Art University MFA Final Project

Enemy Moon

My final project for my Animation degree in Visual Development.

During a dogfight in outer space, mechanic Eric Varro is forced to escape the burning landing bay of his carrier in the crippled fighter he was in the middle of repairing. Varro is shot down and crashes on an inhabited enemy moon. He is rescued by Brandon, a farm boy, and taken in by his sister, Cassie. Varro befriends Cassie and ends up helping as a farmhand, enjoying anonymous farm life far away from war. Varro grows to love the farm and the townspeople, much to the chagrin of saloon owner, Remington Flynt whose only desire is to have Cassie for himself. Eventually, the injustices imposed on the town force Varro to take a stand which leads to an insurrection against Flynt.

I learned a lot during this project and eventually plan to turn this into a graphic novel.