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//Air Force Reserve – Sound of Freedom

Commercial Storyboards

Category : Storyboards

Air Force Reserve Storyboards

I have a great relationship with Milo Duffin, Creative Director at Blaine Warren Advertising.  Over the years, he as given me many storyboard assignments as well as illustration assignments.

Usually, I am hired to do storyboards, however, from time to time, I’m asked to do spot illustration.

These are usually images that a director(usually for a 30 second commercial) will ask for in order to help him communicate with the DP(Director of Photography.) They’re meant primarily for solving compositional problems, and maybe color.  Any client who expects finished paintings for these types of images needs to either have a really good budget or a really generous timeline.  If neither of those two things exist, I don’t take the job.  These days, this is the sort of work for younger men.

Client Review.

"it’s that time again. And once again, needs to be turned around quickly. Let me know time and cost. Thanks sir!"

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