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I'm going to post more art related posts here.

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Mural Installation

I should have posted this mural installation back when it was completed. During the pandemic I completed a mural that was installed at Joseph Neal STEAM Academy. This was commissioned by Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore. The principal wanted a hockey player from the Las Vegas Golden Knights striking a puck and all the associated..

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A little bit about me

My name is Sheffield Abella and I am a freelance illustrator and designer. I produce artwork and designs for various clients. My family was in the military which is what brought me to Las Vegas.

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Leather Wrapped Sticks for Kali | Eskrima | Arnis

I got some kamagong(ironwood) arnis sticks from my cousin and they’re really smooth, so I decided to wrap them in leather. This is tennis racquet replacement leather for the handle. I’m really enjoying exercising in the backyard just swinging my sticks around. I’ll do this for an hour or so and work up a good..

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